• Precise installation of each pile or pier
  • Installation adapted to each type of soil
  • Perfectly levelled structure
  • No damage to landscapes and structures


Because the quality of an installation is as important as the quality of the Helical piles or piers.


At GoliathTech, we care about quality. This desire to do well motivated us to join a unique network of certified Helical pile and pier installers. This network includes people with unequalled know-how, experts who will support you throughout your project. You can also rely on the high quality of our patented screw pile system (Canadian Patent no. – No. 2,882,893 ;  Canadian Industrial Designs no. 152578. 152777, US Industrial Designs nos. D735569, D735896).

Your project in 3 steps

Step 1


Count on the expertise of our certified installers. They will propose the best solution for your project.


Step 2


Benefit from a swift and precise installation of your piles.

  • One-day installation
  • Compact and powerful equipment
  • Work guaranteed

Step 3


No delays! Start your works as soon as the piles are installed.

Fasten your beams to the fastening system of each pile to guarantee sturdiness and prevent eventual movement.  Piles are installed 7 feet in depth or until necessary torque is hit. Additional extensions may be required (at additional cost).


Our team of certified installers uses specialized equipment adapted to the installation of helical screw piles and piers to increase quality and precision during installation and thus guarantee optimal anchoring for each helical pile  and pier.

Compact and powerful, our equipment allows:

  • Protection of existing structures;
  • Reaching narrow spaces;
  • Reducing installation time.

No cement mixer
No heavy equipment
No damage

Going SOLAR?

GoliathTech offers multiple top caps and rail connectors that secures structures for ground mounting solar panel systems. GoliathTech piles and piers offers the strongest and most cost-effective foundation solution to mount your solar panels for any type of installation — whether your are going green at your cabin by the lake or running a a multi-gigawatt solar farm.

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