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Welcome to our Blog about Helical Piles and Foundation Repair, we hope you find it informative and fun.  We service the greater Raleigh area but also service the Wilmington area, so whether you are just looking for information on our Helical Piles or if you are looking for a quote, you came to the right place.  We are leaders in the use and installation of our Helical Piles, backed by the best product on the market, GoliathTech.

Raleigh Foundation Repair Costs

Raleigh Foundation Repair One of the most common questions we receive from homeowners is, how much will the foundation repair cost….but even before we see the project or have a structural engineer consult with us.  The answer is “it can vary”. 

Helical Piles History

History The helical pile was invented by Alexander Mitchell, an Irish engineer, as a method to stabilize lighthouses, moorings and other structures that were built on sand and mud. The first helical foundation system was installed in the 1830’s. Originally called