Raleigh Foundation Repair Costs

//Raleigh Foundation Repair Costs

Raleigh Foundation Repair

One of the most common questions we receive from homeowners is, how much will the foundation repair cost….but even before we see the project or have a structural engineer consult with us.  The answer is “it can vary”.  Some foundation repairs are simple and can be corrected quickly, perhaps because the issue was caught early. Others are from years of neglect or a severe structural problem that occurred at the time of construction.

When you receive your initial quote. Please bear in mind that your home may very well be your single most important investment in your life.  Fixing the foundation is imperative.  The repairs you invest into your home will cost more in the future if you do not stop the problem now.

While there is not an average cost for a foundation repair, here are some factors to consider.

Foundation Repair Cost Factors:

  • Types of Foundation – There are three main types of foundations.  Slab, pile and beam, and T shaped foundations.  Each will require different materials and varying amounts.  This directly impacts the repair costs for each type.
  • Stability of the Soil – This is a biggie.  There are many different types of soil here in the Carolinas.  Soil has a direct impact on the number, length and size of the underpin needed to support the structure.  This can have a great variance and therefore extremely difficult to estimate.
  • Size of the Building – This should be fairly logical driver of foundation repair.  The larger the home, the more materials that will be required for the project.  There is more weight typically with larger homes, so the repair likely will be more complex, driving the cost up.
  • Structure Variance –
    Settling Foundation

    How bad is the settling? Again, fairly logical cost driver.  If there are severe drops in the foundation which are resulting in bowed walls, large cracks in the ceiling, or doors that will not open or close properly; it is likely that the foundation repair cost will be high.  The more support the foundation needs, the greater the foundation repair cost will be.

OK, so lets talk about some numbers.  First thing that we recommend, is have a structural engineer review the project (with GoliathTech).   This can vary from $250 to $1500 for an assessment.  It is also recommended to get a soils report (another $500 to $3000) or we can perform a test pile which will be less expensive.  Once these steps are complete, we will have enough information to give a complete estimate.