Helical Piles for Townhomes and Concrete Slab Support

//Helical Piles for Townhomes and Concrete Slab Support


One of the preferred ways by structural engineers to support concrete slabs, is via a helical screw pile.  Now, typically this is not too difficult of a project, except when the builder forgets to tell you that the site you will be installing your piles, there is a 24 inch slab of concrete below!  Yes, that would have been nice to know in advance.  But needless to say, even with that being the case, GoliathTechNC was able to break up the concrete and continue with our work.  Click here to watch a quick video of us breaking the concrete up! IMG_0841[1]

Once the conctrete was out of the way, we were able to get 5 piles installed in a short period of time per slab to support the concrete.  And what is better, our rebar head allowed the builder to tie into the rebar in the concrete slab.  This was an optimal way to ensure that slab could support the multi-story weight of that townhouse.

Now per the engineer’s requirements, some of the piles needed to hold a minimum of 35 KIPs!  That is quite the load.  But not too bad for GoliathTech helical screw piles.  So after a few days on site installing the piles, Raleigh’s newest townhomes are on track and looking to be the latest addition to a booming city….and GoliathTechNC is very proud to be part of this project!